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How To Build A Dollhouse

April 28, 2015 By Kirsten Dunn

I love everything about the dollhouse project: the opportunity for learning from the kids, the hands on element of math, and the chance to give back to our community. This whole experience inspired me to write a post about dollhouses and build a couple with some little girls we know.

Under $100

Pallet Makeover: Wedding Sign

April 14, 2015 By Kirsten Dunn

The pallet sign project is an absolute must! It’s perfect for personalizing a party or your home (I’m making this one for my sister’s wedding). It’s beautiful, simple, and doesn’t leave a hole in your wallet! 

Under $100 Video

Earth Day Repurposed Planter

April 08, 2015 By Kirsten Dunn

In honor of Earth Day we partnered with Seattle Goodwill for a green project! I love this project—it’s a fun, unique way to upcycle some out-of-use pieces, and it’s a great way to cut costs and improve the quality of your food by growing your own herbs!