How To Incorporate Essential Oils into DIY Cleaning Products | Green Cleaning

September 17, 2015 By Kirsten Dunn

We’re excited to introduce you to Tracey Grant. In her own words, “I geek out over all things food and health related!” Tracey currently works as a registered dietitian and essential oil consultant. She takes a holistic approach to wellness. She knows that making small day-to-day choices for healthy living has a huge impact on one's ability to thrive. She regularly seeks out opportunities to enjoy and share what she learns; you can follow her on instagram to get daily tips on healthy joyful living! Today she's going to share some of her essential oil expertise and explain how to incorporate essential oils into Green Cleaning products.


DIY Window Cleaner | Green Cleaning

September 10, 2015 By Kirsten Dunn

Homemade window cleaner is a staple of DIY green cleaners. You don’t need toxic chemicals to get squeaky-clean and streak-free windows. It’s great for all kinds of glass and it only takes a couple of minutes to make. This natural window cleaner is a powerful replacement for the ammonia-filled cleaner you may be used to.


DIY Bleach | Green Cleaning

September 03, 2015 By Kirsten Dunn

You've heard of spring cleaning? Well, at Dunn DIY we thought we'd give fall cleaning a try. After a summer of kids at home, guests in town, vacations, and fun we thought new cleaning supplies might be a nice way to ease back into routines, check lists, and Monday mornings. During the month of September we're excited to share some simple diy green cleaning tips to get your home looking and smelling amazing. Every Thursday this month look for a new green cleaning post.


DIY Lavender All-Purpose Cleaner

June 17, 2014 By Kirsten Dunn

Lavender grows abundantly in the Pacific Northwest. Spend a weekend afternoon at Pike Place Market, and you can come home with an assortment of lavender goods: oils, soaps, lotions, and beyond. This lavender-infused all-purpose cleaner is a green (and lovely-smelling) alternative to harsh cleaning products.