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How to Make a DIY Mid-Century Litter Box

September 17, 2019 By Kirsten Dunn

The average litter box isn't anything to write home about. Relegated to a dark corner in the laundry room or bathroom, most litter boxes are kept out of sight and out of mind (until it's time to clean them, at least). But this project is no average litter box—it's a stylish, self-contained side table that adds to your home's decor while keeping your cat happy (and any cat owners knows that's no easy task!)


How to Make A Cedar Headboard

November 01, 2016 By Todd Dermody

Headboards add a lot to a bedroom—they become a subtle centerpiece and help frame the walls and decorations. Most importantly, headboards keep your pillows from falling behind your bed. Cedar is a gorgeous wood, so we experimented with it as a headboard. We adore the results, and think you will too!