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Earth Day Repurposed Planter

April 08, 2015 By Kirsten Dunn

In honor of Earth Day we partnered with Seattle Goodwill for a green project! I love this project—it’s a fun, unique way to upcycle some out-of-use pieces, and it’s a great way to cut costs and improve the quality of your food by growing your own herbs!

Under $100

How to Make a DIY Dry Erase Frame

March 03, 2015 By Kirsten Dunn

Our trips to the Ballard Goodwill always yield great results. Proof positive that with a little DIY ingenuity and some elbow grease, you can make anything new! We nabbed this cheap picture frame and reimagined it as a dry erase frame. Spray paint, pretty paper, and some ribbon go a long way.

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DIY Tablet Stand

February 10, 2015 By Kirsten Dunn

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show is coming up shortly and we're hosting a booth! We wanted to have an iPad to display our website and give people the opportunity to interact with it in person. This meant that we needed a tablet stand, and why look somewhere else when we can make an awesome DIY one ourselves?

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DIY 6-Pack Holder

November 25, 2014 By Kirsten Dunn

Candles and bottles of wine are excellent gifts for holiday dinner party hosts, but this 6-pack holder with your favorite seasonal cider or beer will really wow your friends.

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How to Turn a Piano Bench into a Side Table

October 21, 2014 By Kirsten Dunn

Seattle's salvage yards, Goodwill stores, and estate sales are filled with second-hand treasures. After a quick visit to the Ballard Goodwill, I left with full hands. When I saw this piano bench, I knew it had great potential. A little brainstorming, a little elbow grease, and you've got a piano bench makeover!

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IKEA Dresser Hack

August 26, 2014 By Cali Pitchel

With a little stain and spray paint, you can completely change the look of your furniture—and the combinations are endless! Get a modern look with off-white on deep walnut, or add a splash of color! From a yard sale find to an IKEA dresser, you can create a dramatic, and cheap, custom dresser!