Blankets—we love them! They are warm, cozy, and a winter essential. However no matter how hard I try to keep them organized, blankets inevitably end up in a pile on the floor, crumpled, and messy. But not anymore, thanks to this lovely blanket rack! Whether you're sprucing up your living room, or wanting to make someone a special DIY gift, this blanket rack is the perfect solution.

Step 1: Cut the Legs

Begin by cutting the 2x4 in half with a circular saw or a hand saw and miter box. This will give you two four foot pieces that will serve as the legs to your blanket rack. Keep in mind this length is approximate. It’s more important that the two pieces are the same length than being exactly four feet, and this gives you the freedom to trim any rough mill edges as necessary.

Step 2: Cut the Slats

Next, cut your 1x3 piece into four 16" pieces. These will be the slats across your blanket rack. Sand each slat to ensure they are smooth (so your blankets won't snag and tear).

slats for quilt rack

Step 3: Measure

Lay out pieces on a flat surface and position like a ladder. On the face of the 2x4's measure out, and mark the positions of the rungs. From the “top” of the ladder measure 2 inches and draw a line across the width of the board (this will be where the rungs start). Measure down another 2 inches and draw another line. Each rung will take up 2 inches of space, and the gaps between the rungs will be 8 inches. When you have drawn lines for all the rungs, there should be 14 inches left at the bottom of the 2x4. Repeat with the opposite 2x4.

measuring blanket rack

measuring and marking blanked ladder

marking quilt rack

Step 4: Position and Trace Rungs

Position the rungs within the pencil lines, angling them up towards the front and top of the ladder. The corners of the 1x3 should be just touching the pencil lines on either side. The back corner should be flush with the edge of the 2x4, and the front corner should have about a 1/2" gap in the front. Trace a line around the end of the rung. Repeat with remaining rungs.

wood for diy quilt rack

marking and measuring quilt rack

Step 5: Pre-drill 

Pre-drill with a 3/32” bit inside of the pencil lines and through to the other side of the 2x4. Be careful to drill very straight so as not to break through the 1x3 when you're driving the screws.

pre-drill quilt rack

Step 6: Attach Rungs to Ladder Frame

Position the 1x3, and secure with 3” screws from the outside. A helper to hold the 1x3 in place, or a long clamp will make this part a lot easier. Work your way down one 2x4 and attach all the rungs before moving over to the other side. This will help ensure everything fits together smoothly.

attach rungs to ladder frame

Step 7: Smooth Edges and Erase Markings

 Smooth out rough areas around screws with a piece of sandpaper or a sanding sponge. Take the time to erase the pencil marks or sand them down. 

erase pencil marks on wood

sand quilt rack

Step 8: Apply Stain 

Following the directions on the can, apply a coat of wood stain. Wipe off excess. Now turn the ladder over and stain the other side. Allow stain to fully dry before using your blanket ladder.

staining a blanket rack

stain for quilt rack

Now comes the fun part! Organize your blankets on your new blanket rack! Or, gift wrap the blanket rack and check one more gift off your list.

decorating quilt rack

how to make a blanket rack, quilt or ladder