Well, that’s a wrap for this year’s Northwest Flower & Garden Festival! This year, we decided to center our booth around making the most of your space, so we brought some of our favorite multi-use projects to the festival: the wine rack trellis, garden shed, and rolling planter. The planter is my favorite because of how much I learned while building it—I had to redo the plan for it multiple times, but I kept going until I figured it out. I love how it came together and how it reminded me that there’s growth in struggle.

The show gets better each year, but this year I really felt like we found our flow. Setting up and tearing down our booth went  smoothly, and the whole Dunn team had a great time working it. Since it was my sixth year at the festival, I felt equipped to prep my team for what to expect during the festival, and we all were able to connect with the festival-goers.

The strawberry planter and plantable business cards are always the biggest hits. Last year, we used lavender seeds in the cards, but this time we switched back to basil. We love the idea of giving our booth patrons a piece of advertising that’s multi-purpose—just like the rest of our booth’s theme. A lot of people don’t want just another business card, but they do want a fresh herb to cook with. It’s always rewarding to see the smiles on people’s faces when we tell them it’s a plantable card. One woman even went to the trouble of emailing us through the Dunn Lumber website to thank us for the card—and that put a smile on our faces!

plantable business cards for Dunn DIY

Another woman told me the only place she gets enough sun to grow tomatoes is in her driveway, so I showed her the rolling planter. On top of being my favorite project this year, it’s a great way to move your garden into the sun without having to build a permanent structure in the middle of your driveway. At Dunn DIY, my goal is to be a trusted friend for you on your DIY journey, and it’s always special to be able to do that in person.

My favorite part of the festival besides our booth is the indoor garden displays. It’s so magical to see a full outdoor garden inside a building. I remember going to the show with my mom when I was little and seeing all the fountains and waterfalls—I thought it was the coolest thing. Now, I still make time to see those displays every year.

Dunn DIY home show booth

If you weren’t able to come see us at the festival this year, we still want to hear from you! Let us know what you’d like to see us build and share your own #dunndiy projects at @dunndiy. We hope you had a great time either at the festival or reading our festival DIYs, and we’ll see you next year!