Mountain-fresh air, tall trees, trickling rivers, and smoky campfires—camping is all about slowing down, connecting with nature, and appreciating the great outdoors. While camping is a return back to the basics, some key pieces of gear can elevate your outdoor adventure. 

Below we've gathered our go-to camping DIY projects that help organize your stuff and make your campsite more comfortable—and even more delicious.   

How To Build a Camping Crate Storage Solution

These simple yet super-handy stackable crates make the transition from car to campsite effortless. They fit into any car and are an essential addition to your camping gear.

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DIY camping trips

How To Make a DIY Folding Camping Table

We love this lightweight table that’s great for a campground, park, or beach. It’s large enough to hold snacks, drinks—whatever you need! It’s also the perfect size to go with the folding stools below.

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DIY folding camping table.

How To Make a Folding Wooden Camp Stool

Whether you’re camping, spending a day at the beach, or having a summer gathering at your house, you always need to consider seating options. This classic folding stool is compact, lightweight (and therefore easy to store), and comfortable.

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DIY folding wooden camp stool

DIY Camp Kitchen Box

Having a ready-to-go camp kitchen setup is critical to successful last-minute camping—or any kind of camping—which is the idea behind the camp chuck box. It stores all your kitchen essentials, so you can easily load up your car and camp whenever wilderness calls.

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DIY camp kitchen box

How To Make a Kid's A-Frame Tent

Okay, you can't actually camp with this—but it's still a hit with kids! The A-frame tent is simple to piece together, and kids love crawling in and out, having their own private picnic in it, or getting cozy with a pile of books.

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How to make a-frame tent for kids

Campfire Roasting Recipes: Hot Dogs and Apples

Food cooked outside after a day spent traveling, hiking, or setting up your camp space always seems to taste better! These two super simple “recipes” are Dunn family favorites, and we bet your family will love them, too.

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Campfire recipes

Whether the mountains are calling or backyard hangs are more your style, you can also find more summertime DIY projects and inspiration in our archives. Check out these eight backyard games you can make yourself or ten of our favorite outdoor living projects, and make them your own!