Here at Dunn DIY, we’re squeezing every last drop out of summer’s sweetness with some of our favorite projects and warm-weather treats. 

From building a backyard sandbox to setting up a classic lemonade stand, making carnival-worthy kettle corn at home to shaking up a refreshing cocktail, below you’ll find seven of our go-to summer projects, activities, and flavors for both kids and adults! 

How To Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire is a great backyard addition and gathering spot. Note that if you’re constructing your fire pit in the summer, make sure to look up any restrictions your city or county may have on outdoor burns.

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DIY Outdoor Fire Pit step-by-step guide

How To Build a Sandbox

Know a kid who loves playing in the sand? This simple yet sturdy sandbox brings all the fun of a sandy beach or park to the convenience of your backyard.

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How to build a sandbox

How To Make a Lemonade Stand

Having a lemonade stand is like a right of passage. While you could just set up a table and sign, this wooden lemonade stand is designed to be beautiful but also easy enough that kids can help too!

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DIY Lemonade stand

How To Make a Slip-and-Slide

Building your own slip-and-slide means you can make it exactly like what you would have wanted as a kid—like with a little splash pool at the end. You can also customize it to fit your space.

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DIY Slip and Slide Tutorial

How To Make an Airplane Swing

What little kid wouldn’t love swinging on their very own airplane? This project takes several days to finish and requires some planning, but the final product is worth the time and effort!

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Airplane Swing DIY

Kettle Corn Recipes for a Summer Movie Night

Making kettle corn at home is so simple—you only need a handful of ingredients, and it takes just five minutes to pull together! Here we share two ways to flavor the popcorn—regular kettle corn and maple bacon kettle corn—but you can customize the recipe in countless ways.

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Kettle Corn Recipes for Summer

How To Make a Scrappy’s Bitters Summer Cocktail

Scrappy’s Bitters is a local Seattle business committed to quality products and expert advice—two things we can really get behind. The DIY crew teamed up with Scrappy’s to create a refreshing summer cocktail celebrating clear skies, cozy bonfires, and our currently sun-drenched Seattle.

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DIY Scrappy's Bitters summer cocktail

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