With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’re already planning our menu, testing out some new recipes, designing our table centerpieces…and making sure we’ll have enough seating to fit everyone while hosting! 

You too? 

Keep scrolling for some of our most helpful Thanksgiving DIYs—from practical projects, like building a temporary table, to must-make decorative details, like napkin rings with a Dunn DIY twist.  

How To Make a DIY Wooden Thanksgiving Pie Box

A pie box is one of those things you never think about needing until you have to transport a hot pie for Thanksgiving and cobble together a makeshift carrier last minute. Plan ahead—and have a beautiful way to present your pie—with this wooden pie box.

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DIY Wooden Pie Box

DIY Stackable Trays

Transporting more than a pie? No problem. These inexpensive and easy-to-build trays hold anything from a casserole to baked brie, plus stack and latch together so you can show up with a tower of deliciousness.

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Learn to make stackable wooden food trays.

How To Make a DIY Buffet Table

Need an extra table that fits perfectly in a certain space, is storable, and provides plenty of room to pile on holiday dishes? This DIY buffet table does just that.

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How to build a wooden buffet table.

How To Build a Temporary Table for Holiday Hosting

If you’re living in a small space—or simply don’t have a table that seats a dozen people—these two temporary table options are just the trick.

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Two tutorials for temporary tables for Thanksgiving.

DIY Napkin Rings

We created a simple, budget-friendly DIY napkin ring using rope and knot-tying techniques, so you can make as many rings as you need for just a few dollars.

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DIY Napkin rings made out of rope.

DIY Travel Cocktail Kit

This travel cocktail kit is as beautiful as it is functional,  helping protect all the tools and ingredients you need for a portable bar to make cocktails wherever you go. 

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Make a DIY travel cocktail kit.

How To Make the Most of Holiday Hosting

While holiday hosting is all about gathering together and making memories, we love using it as an excuse to decorate. Here we share some of our favorite tablescape tips and projects. 

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How to set your Thanksgiving table.

Looking for even more holiday-inspired DIYs? If you’re the type of person who pulls out the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, check out this Christmas tree comparison guide or learn how to make this charming wooden advent calendar.