It’s a common misconception that the size of your yard dictates how fruitful your garden grows. For garden enthusiasts who may not have expansive yards—balcony planters, patio planters, and windowsill planters are all ripe for small-but-mighty gardens. 

Whether you're an urban dweller with just a few feet of outdoor space or someone looking to add a bit of nature to your indoor areas, small-space planter boxes offer the flexibility and functionality to grow a variety of plants, from ornamental flowers to edible herbs and vegetables.

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Gardening for small spaces

One of the key benefits of small-space planter boxes is their ability to fit into any nook and cranny, providing you with the opportunity to utilize every inch of available space. These planters can be hung from railings, mounted on walls, or simply placed on the ground, offering endless possibilities for creating a garden that reflects your personal style and space constraints. 

Moreover, small-space planter boxes are ideal for experimenting with different plant combinations, allowing for a dynamic and ever-changing garden that can evolve from season to season. They also make gardening more accessible, reducing the need for bending and kneeling, which can be a boon for those with mobility issues. Small-space planter boxes prove that with a little creativity and care, you can enjoy the rewards of gardening, no matter the size of your green space.

How To Make an Elevated Planter Box

Difficulty: Easy | Cost: $$ | Time: 1-2 Hours

This petite planter box is perfect for the gardener lacking ample yard space. It’s the perfect home for a balcony herb garden or front-stoop flowers. With simple materials and beginner-friendly tools, this is a great weekend or weeknight project. 

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DIY House Number Planter Box

Difficulty: Easy | Cost: $$ | Time: 1-2 Hours

Perfect for those looking to add a personal touch to their home's exterior, this project is a creative way to welcome guests and enhance your entryway. With straightforward instructions, you can transform your home’s first impression in an afternoon.

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How To Build a DIY Potato Planter

Difficulty: Intermediate | Cost: $ | Time: 1-2 Hours

Did you know you can grow 100 pounds of potatoes in just four square feet? It’s true! We discovered several potato varieties that grow better vertically (like fingerling, Pontiac, and yellow finns), and created this space-saving vertical planter so you can have Idaho-worthy spuds on hand through summer, fall, and even winter.

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How To Build a Strawberry Planter

Difficulty: Intermediate | Cost: $$ | Time: 2-3 Hours

In our temperate Seattle weather, strawberries are a great plant to start in the winter as a bare-root plant that will come alive in spring. You can also wait to plant until late spring when the weather has warmed up to accommodate growth. This strawberry planter is a great way to start a small crop of berries without taking up too much space.

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Cedar Planter Boxes

Difficulty: Intermediate | Cost: $$$ | Time: 2-3 Hours

Growing plants in containers is a great way to get your feet wet with gardening, especially if you’re living in an apartment space without a yard. A balcony or a small patio space is all you need (provided they get enough sunlight).

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How To Make a Vertical Planter

Difficulty: Intermediate | Cost: $$$ | Time: 4-5 Hours

Gardening is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and to get some fresh produce in your life. But it can be challenging to garden if you don’t have a yard—or if your yard just isn’t in the right place to get that much-needed sun. This DIY vertical planter creates more space by growing up instead of out, and, even better, it’s easy to move to wherever the sunshine is.

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How To Make a DIY Planter Box on Wheels

Difficulty: Intermediate | Cost: $$$ | Time: 3-5 Hours

If your heart is set on gardening in raised beds but you don’t have the yard space, this DIY planter box on wheels is the perfect solution. Customize the size and depth to suit your space, and simply wheel it around as needed!

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