Since the time this project was posted, a change in distribution has made TimberTech’s pavers less readily available. Please contact Dunn Lumber or TimberTech to find retailers who have, or can source, the pavers.

Before starting this project we talked to Dunn Lumber's AZEK representative, John. He told us about the unique qualities of AZEK pavers. First, they are made in the USA from 95% post-consumer recycled content. (A 500-square-foot patio is made from 250 truck tires and 7,500 gallon-sized plastic containers.) The pavers are lightweight, easy to carry, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Additionally, they are stain, crack, and freeze resistant.


Step 1: Make a plan

Every patio is different. Measure your surface, keeping in mind that each paver grid is 16” x 16" or 1.78 square feet. Begin by figuring out how many grids you’ll need, then add on 10 grids as extra—just in case. You can work with a deck expert at Dunn Lumber to draw out a plan and order supplies for your project. (Make an appointment with a Dunn decking expert here.) You can also head to the AZEK website and follow their AZEK Paver Install Guide. Pavers can be laid in many patterns, so let your creative juices flow! We suggest mapping out your plan on graph paper so you’ll know your pattern and can decide whether you’ll mix colors or not. (AZEK'S website offers free paver patterns that can be found here.)

azek paver grid

Step 2: Lay your grid

Begin by laying out grids along the edges of the surface you’ll be covering. We used bullnose pavers on the outside edges of our project for a clean look along the perimeter of the space. These bullnose pavers require the outside edge of the grids to be cut back 3/4” so the bullnose pavers will fit in place. Use a piece of chalk to mark where you need to cut the grids to make the cutting process more accurate. Refer to the Timbertech/Azek website and their "Guide to Installing AZEK Resurfacing Bullnose Pavers."

While we used the bullnose pavers that require the grid to be trimmed, there are other options. The transition paver or plain pavers can also be used along the edges of your layout and in most cases don't require the grid to be cut or trimmed. (Alternatives to the bullnose edge are the transition paver or plain pavers.) Most designs using these pavers along the perimeter of the space will not require trimming the grids.

Pause. Take a minute to refer to the Timbertech pavers Cutting Equipment Guide. Now, put on your safety glasses. Use a jigsaw to cut the pavers 3/4” for all the grids that will edge the deck and be paired with bullnose pavers. Then, measure around any stairs or other obstructions and cut grids to size.

installing azek paver grid

azek paver grid installation

paver grids

Step 3: Begin laying your pavers

Dump the remaining pavers off grids, pile your paver bricks by color, and lay out the remaining grids that don’t need to be cut. Now it’s time to lay out your pavers. Refer back to your plan and follow the pattern you’ve chosen. Save the bullnose pieces for last.

add azek paver bricksdog watching paver installation

Step 4: Cut pavers as needed

As you lay out the pavers you’ll discover that some need to be cut to size. Use your carpenter square and chalk to mark where the paver needs to be cut. Then, use your miter saw to make the cut. After you’ve made the cut, rub the two new edges to remove any crumbly areas.

cutting azek pavers

saw for azek pavers

installing azek pavers

Step 5: Lay bullnose pavers

First, use the glue and cover the exposed surface of the grid to which you’ll be attaching the bullnose pavers. Next, lay the first paver, secure it to the grid with screws on both the left and right side, then slide the next paver in and do the same. Follow this pattern for all the edges except the corners.

drill for azek pavers

colorful azek pavers


installing patio pavers

Step 6: Attach corner pieces

Begin by cutting the pieces for corners. We have two corners. Each requires some technical cutting.

Grab four bullnose pieces and your miter saw

  • For the larger left side of your corner, set the miter saw to 45R and make a 45-degree cut at the flat top of your bullnose piece.
  • For the larger right side of your corner, set the miter saw to 45L and make a 45-degree cut at the flat top of your bullnose piece.
  • For the smaller left side of your corner, set the miter saw to 45R and make a 45-degree cut at the flat top of your bullnose piece.
  • For the smaller right side of your corner, set the miter saw to 45L and make a 45-degree cut at the flat top of your bullnose piece.

Then, use the glue to affix each corner to the grid.

cutting pavers

Step 7: Enjoy your new patio

Important: Azek Pavers are not intended for use near, or under, in-ground fire pits. A minimum of four feet must be maintained between an open fire. Portable fire pits, charcoal, and gas grills may be used on top of the pavers. We recommend using a fireproof mat to protect against any potential scarring to the product. 

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grilling on patio

food on patio

table on azek pavers

enjoy your patio with azek pavers