We've created a fun project for those of you who actually have kids heading back to school! These magnets are quick and easy. They’re a great project for a rainy day and can be used proudly to display artwork, spelling tests, or sports schedules.

diy magnets

Step 1

Begin by cutting the hemlock into 3/8” thick pieces.

Step 2

Next, sand each piece.

sanding magnet

Step 3

Now it’s time for the fun part: personalizing your magnets. Sharpies work well to write on the hemlock pieces, and if you mess up just flip the piece over.

personalize magnets

mark magnetsdraw on magnets diy

Step 4

Next, cut pieces of magnetic tape and attach them to the back of each magnet.

magnet tape

Step 5

It’s time to stain. Stir, don’t shake, the can of polyurethane. Remove any dust from your hemlock pieces, and brush the finish onto the tops and sides of the pieces.

Allow the magnets to dry. Minwax recommends applying at least two coats of their polyurethane finish. Depending on the anticipated lifespan of your magnets, and whether or not they’ll be coming in contact with liquids, you can choose to follow or skip this step.

stain magnet

Step 6

Now you have a set of beautiful magnets just waiting to display that first history test!

fall magnets

diy magnets for school