diy kids bow an arrow

This project was inspired by Nothing But Country’s blog.

Step 1

Gather your materials. This project is for children, but there are steps that require adult help and supervision, particularly the steps that require the saw, scissors, and lighter. (Remember to read our post on DIY safety basics, too!)

kids bow and arrow materials

Step 2

With your hacksaw, cut into the end of the PVC about half an inch. Repeat on other end.

making a kids bow and arrow

diy bow and arrow

Step 3

Tie a knot (big enough to not slip through the slot in the pipe) in the end of the nylon string. Using your lighter, burn the ends of the string to prevent fraying.

bow and arrow nylon string

diy bow and arrow string

Step 4

Cut your string at about 36” (or 5" to 6" inches from the end) and tie another knot. Slide the knot inside the slot at one end of the PVC.

cutting bow and arrow string

building a kids bow and arrow

Step 5

Bending the PVC with your foot slide the other knot into the opposite end of the pipe. If your PVC does not bend to the arc desired, slip out the knot, tie it a little closer, and try again.

diy pvc bow and arrow

pvc for bow and arrow

Step 6

Rip off a thin strip of tape and wrap it around the top and bottom of your bow to secure the string in place. You’re almost done!

pvc bow and arrow for kids

Step 7

Cut the foam pipe insulation to a length of six inches with a pair of scissors. There’s a part running along one side of the insulation. Rip the part open and wrap the insulation around the middle of the bow. Secure with duct tape.

insulation for bow and arrow

taping bow and arrow

bow and arrow tape

The bow is complete! Now for the arrows....

Step 8

Cut your dowel into 16” pieces with the hacksaw.

cutting dowel for bow and arrow

Step 9

In one end cut a shallow groove for where it connects with the string on the bow.

cutting bow and arrow

bow and arrow dowel

Step 10

On the other end put an eraser cap. This will take a little bit of wiggling, but trust me, it will fit. And there you have three rubber-tipped arrows!

bow and arrow eraser cap

eraser cap for kids bow and arrow

how to make a diy bow and arrow for kids

Because our helpers are only three and six, we helped them out by taping a little indicator for where the back of the arrow should fit into the string.