diy dre erase frame

Step 1: Deconstruct the picture frame

First off remove the back of the frame, anything in it, and the front glass. Lightly sand the frame to create texture for the paint to grab to.

preparing frame

preparing picture frame for dry erase board

sanding dry erase frame

Step 2: Spray paint your frame

Spread out plastic or paper, and following the directions on the can spray paint your frame. If you're not using a paint/primer combination then make sure that you start with a spray on primer. painting dry erase board

Grab your piece of moulding and go ahead and spray paint that now too. The moulding is going to be attached to the bottom of the frame to carry a dry erase marker so make sure that it has a little lip to keep the marker in place. We got a sample piece of moulding approximately five inches long from Dunn Lumber that was free ! If you like the kind we used it's hemlock panel moulding 5/8"x1 3/8".

painting dry erase board

Step 3: Cut your backdrop paper to fit the frame 

After you've sufficiently coated the frame and moulding you can start dealing with the inside of the frame. Grab some Windex and clean the glass if necessary. There was glitter all inside of our frame that we cleaned out at this point. Cut your paper to fit the frame. Make sure that the paper isn't so dark that you won't be able to easily read your writing! Our frame came with matting that we liked and decided to keep in the final product.

dry erase board decoration

dry erase board frame

dry erase board frame diy

Step 4: Nail moulding to bottom of DIY dry erase frame

When your paint has dried grab a hammer and some small finish nails and attach the moulding to the bottom of the frame. We discovered that there was a thin metal frame inside of the wood that the nail just couldn't get through. We drilled through it, and then were able to nail everything in place.

nailing dry erase board

Step 5: Re-assemble picture frame

Put the frame back together hang it up with some pretty ribbon!

ribbon fro dry erase board

diy dry erase frame