Step 1

Begin by plugging in your hot glue gun to let it heat up. Then download this template if you'd like to use our patterns.

Download and print the template and decide what sort of designs you'd like to make. Feel free to sketch your own shapes on the graph paper template we've provided, or simply use the designs we made!

Step 2

Now that you've selected your designs, put your template on the table, place a sheet of wax paper over the template, and tape it to the table.

hot glue snowflake template

template for hot glue snowflake

Step 3

Now, spray the wax paper with cooking spray. Then wipe the wax paper sheet with a paper towel. (This seems a little counterintuitive, but it leaves just enough of a film on the wax paper that your snowflakes will peel off easily.)

spraying wax paper for diy snowflake

wipe hot glue snowflake with paper towel

Step 4

Now, just start "gluing" your snowflake design.

gluing snowflake

hot glue for snowflake

glue gun snowflake

Step 5

Let the snowflake cool for a minute or two, then carefully peel it off the wax paper. The cooking spray should help this process.

let snowflake cool

peel snowflake off wax paper

Step 6

Use a tiny dot of glue to adhere your snowflake a window. When you remove your snowflakes you'll need to clean a little bit of residue, but this is easily accomplished using a paper towel and a little window cleaner.

adhere snowflake to window

put snowflake on window

Step 7

And now, you can have snowflakes on a rainy day!

snowflakes on a rainy day

how to make a hot glue snowflake