Gaining confidence as a DIYer isn’t just about mastering the tools—it depends equally on using the right products. There’s a huge variety of options at the lumber yard or hardware store, and it's easy to get lost trying to figure out which is right for you. Join me in this series as I shop the Dunn Lumber aisles for a few of my favorite products and share some tips and tricks for using them.

If you need to patch a roof, the first thing you may think of is black, messy tar. That can work, but there is also a cleaner alternative.

How to use Through the Roof

Through the Roof is a clear sealant that comes in cartridge tubes, jars, and cans, allowing you to paint the product right into place with a sponge or brush. 

Along with being clean and simple to apply, a major perk of Through the Roof is that it works in wet conditions, as well as dry, in nearly any temperature. This means you can fix that leaky roof spot right away, even in the rain. 

The key to using this product is to make sure that you displace any water on the material. When you’re applying Through the Roof, really press the sealant into the crack or crevice, displacing the water. 

And you’re done.

It dries perfectly clear; no cleanup required. 

According to the manufacturer, you can also use Through the Roof on galvanized metal, aluminum flashing, vent pipes, skylights, gutters, downspouts, ductwork, chimneys, and more. 

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