I cannot believe how close 2017 is. It's weird: 2016 feels like such a paradox of time flown by and of moments slowing passing. Looking back over all the projects we’ve done this year, I’m amazed we fit it all in. We accomplished a lot! I’m not sure how to sum it up in just a few sentences, but I’ll give it a try:

I don’t know about you guys, but for us at Dunn DIY, this just gets more fun every year. There’s always something to learn, and with the more we learn, our dreams get bigger and there’s more to imagine and create. And there has been so much learned and built this year. Here are some snapshots; a few of our favorite moments along the way from Dunn DIY's 2016 catalog. 

1. Office Chair

That time we refinished a tired office chair and gave it new life with upholstery and a repainted base. 


2. Lightsaber

Or that time we made a pretty lifelike lightsaber out of basic hardware you'd find at any Dunn Lumber, like nuts and bolts. 


3. Nesting Chair

And the fun we had making camping projects this summer, including a nesting chair


4. Strawberry Planter

It’s so hard to pick favorites out of things that you’ve created because every one of them is near to your heart in some way. But if I was forced to give an opinion, I think that one of my favorite projects from this year was the strawberry planter we made last February for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. I loved this project because it’s simple and beautiful, and the design was unique from all the other strawberry planters I had seen online. Not to mention, the strawberries we planted in it were delicious!



5. Adirondack Chair

Another favorite project, and one I’m particularly proud of, was the Adirondack chair we built this summer. At the time, this seemed like such an intimidating project, but though it took a lot time to build it proved to be much less menacing than I originally imagined it would be. And, surprisingly, I found with this design that it was less of an exact science than I anticipated, and there was more room for minor errors than there had been in a lot of the other projects we’ve done. It's funny how it’s usually the hardest or the most intimidating projects that are always my favorites in the end.


I can’t wait for this next year and all that we have planned for Dunn DIY! It’s going to be so exciting. My head is already filled with prep for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, deck projects for the summer, and some really exciting changes we have planned. There’s so much that you’ll just have to wait and see! One thing that isn’t on the calendar yet—but I am determined to figure out how to make—is a chicken coop. People have been asking for one since we started, and I have decided that this will be the year.