Yet another fun, project-filled year has sped by at Dunn DIY. As we cozy up by the fire and settle in for winter, we're continuing our tradition of sharing a few of our favorite projects from the year.

In 2022, Dunn DIY embraced "newness." We introduced you to a few of the wonderfully creative Dunn Lumber employees, who shared their talents and ideas with us on the blog for the first time in Dunn DIY history. They brought with them new ideas, tools, techniques, and DIY hacks. (And they'll continue sharing their projects next year!)

Speaking for myself, I added a few new things to my toolbelt this year, too. From up-leveling my joinery skills and testing out new products to repurposing antiques and building new pieces from the ground up, 2022 has pushed me into new and exciting DIY territory. 

As it is every year, choosing only a handful of favorite projects was hard—but my top four picks made the list because of just how perfectly they encapsulate all the “newness” that made 2022 one for the books. 

Read on to find out what they are—and why I picked them.

Step Stool

This project might seem simple, but it holds a special place in my heart for a handful of reasons. First, it replaced my overused kitchen step stool, which had gotten a little too tippy for comfort. Second, it was the first project I’d ever used a Kreg jig on. Using pocket hole joinery to fasten the stool’s legs to the surface allowed me to keep the design simple without sacrificing stability. And, because the design is so simple, it leaves ample room to put your own aesthetic spin on it—tweak the legs, paint it, or attach fun handles and hardware (like these metal steer-shaped handles, which I recycled from an old family cutting board). 

See the project plan

DIY step stool guide

Entryway Hall Tree

Dunn DIY’s motto is make it yours, and Ben—Dunn Lumber employee and the DIYer behind this project—certainly brought that phrase to life with this hall tree. He and his wife had been looking for an entryway organizer that didn’t take up floor space—but their internet searches were coming up short. Ben could envision the perfect piece in his mind, so instead of trying to track it down online, he brought it to life himself. 

See the project plan

DIY Entryway Hall Tree step by step guide

Propane Tank Cover

This project was actually inspired by the midcentury modern-style pergola we made for a friend over the summer. As we were putting the pergola together, I noticed their outdoor fire pit was hooked up to a big propane tank. The tank didn’t really fit with the rest of the aesthetic we were creating, so I designed a cover that blended in with the pergola. I created this when lumber prices were sky-high, so making efficient use of materials was a priority. While there are several pieces involved in the design, they’re all the same dimensions and cut from the same one-by-two lumber (which I also used as a spacer between the slats). 

See the project plan

DIY propane tank cover step by step

Travel Cocktail Kit

My daughter, Emma, and I have been trying to collaborate on a DIY project for some time now (she lives all the way down in Tennessee, so coordination can be tricky). We were finally able to make it happen this year with this DIY cocktail kit, which was inspired by the one Emma’s great-grandfather used to bring with him on his travels. The best part about this kit? You can customize it to carry the ingredients for whatever your favorite drink might be—gin-and-tonics, martinis, negronis, and beyond.

See the project plan 

DIY travel cocktail kit instructions

What were your favorite Dunn DIY projects of 2022? Tag us on social @DunnDIY and let us know!