A note from Todd: We're happy to welcome Greg of DAPrDAN back to the blog. Greg wrote a two-part series for Dunn DIY on roof moss treatment and removal and safe gutter cleaning. Now he's offering some useful tips on maintaining your home as fall sets in. Take it away, Greg!

Meteorologists have coined the Pacific Northwest one of the most difficult places in the world to predict the weather, which can create uncertainty around seasonal home maintenance. I’ll be partnering with Dunn DIY to give you a quarterly exterior home maintenance guide which should help to clarify this process. We're getting started with a list of tips to get your home ready for fall. 

The guide below will help you maintain your home as we leave the summer months behind, and guard against damage that can be caused by our unpredictable weather. As you think about preparing your home for the fall months, it’s helpful to ask:

  • What summer elements (seasonal protection or accessories) are you removing or turning off?
  • What winter elements are you adding? 
  • When will you be adding your winter elements?

Exterior home maintenance should be conducted from the top of your home to the bottom, so that cleanup is quick and easy. 

fall home maintenance guide

This fall home maintenance guide will help you shore up your home as the weather and seasons change. It's a good idea to print the guide and take it on a walk around your home, so that you can review all susceptible areas and get them ready for fall.