I love fall in general—pumpkins, apple cider, and everything that comes with the season is just so wonderful—but I really love dressing up for Halloween. I have a lot of fun making up costumes and putting my sewing abilities to good use.

One of my all-time favorite Halloween projects (I can't believe we've done so many!) is the lightsaber. We used a lot of pieces from the store, and incorporated them into a unique project that wound up being an accurate model of an original lightsaber, and I was able to use my creative chops in a new, challenging, rewarding way. 

I hope you'll have just as much fun with these projects as I did!

How to Make an Astronaut Costume

Behold! The perfect project for every kid (or adult) who’s ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut. This one’s really simple—all you need are recycled materials like cracker boxes and water bottles (and a few items you can pick up at your local Dunn Lumber).

Dunn DIY Halloween Project Roundup Seattle WA 1

How to Make a DIY Lightsaber

You can never go wrong with a Star Wars–themed Halloween costume (especially with The Last Jedi arriving in theaters). Prop makers actually used basic hardware and tools to create the lightsabers in the original Star Wars movies, so we raided our local Dunn Lumber to gather everything we needed to make our own

Dunn DIY Halloween Project Roundup Seattle WA 2

DIY Trick-or-Treat Banner

Two hours on a rainy afternoon is all you’ll need to create this “Trick-or-Treat” wooden pennant—a grown-up Halloween decoration (see you later, neon orange) that’s sturdy enough to last year after year. Plus it’s reversible, making decorating for Thanksgiving a cinch.

Dunn DIY Halloween Project Roundup Seattle WA 3

How to Make a Pumpkin Beverage Dispenser

A pumpkin beverage dispenser is both fun and functional—consider this the adult version of pumpkin carving! Drill a hole, add a nozzle, pop out the stem, and fill with the beverage of your choice for your next fall festivity. (We suggest using it for our apple pie fall float, below!)

Dunn DIY Halloween Project Roundup Seattle WA 4

Apple Pie Float

Had one too many pumpkin spice lattes? (Been there.) We’re here to offer a festive alternative that captures the same warm-and-cozy flavors: our apple pie float, featuring ingredients from some of our local favorites. Bonus: it’s the perfect party drink to serve from our pumpkin beverage dispenser.

Dunn DIY Halloween Project Roundup Seattle WA 5

Happy Halloween, DIYers! I hope these projects help you get into the spirit of the season.