With schools closed, it’s time to find some new, creative tasks to keep your kids busy. Today, we’re bringing you some of our favorite kid-friendly DIY projects so you and your family can make the best out of staying at home.

Flower Box: DIY for Kids

This simple flower box is a fun option for kids of all ages—and it’s a great outdoor project for these sunny days we’ve been having. You can help your kiddo learn how to drill holes and hammer in nails, and—when the box is complete—turn this lumber project into a completely new project by painting on your favorite designs. When you’re ready, take a trip around your garden and fill it with your favorite flowers, or plan a future trip to your local nursery for some new ones. Building, painting, and filling the box will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

flower box diy

How to Build a Dollhouse

This project is fairly in-depth, but any child who likes playing with dolls will have a blast building their very own dollhouse. It’s fully customizable—from the way you lay out the rooms to the wallpaper you decorate it with. You’ll need to help your kid cut the lumber, but they can help design, sand, and decorate the house. Then, once it’s ready, you can spend the rest of the day filling it with dolls and accessories for jam-packed playtime.

how to build a dollhouse

How to Make an Indoor Teepee-Style Tent

Turn your living room into a magical kid’s oasis with this DIY teepee-style tent. When I was little, I always loved curling up in makeshift forts or under tables—anywhere I could call my own—with enough activities to keep me busy until bedtime. So I created this design for all those kids who want a special place to call their own. It’s big enough to fit one kid with a bunch of toys or multiple kids for endless fun. Grab your little helper(s), buy your favorite fabric, and get to sewing.

how to make an indoor teepee-style tent

How to Build an Inexpensive Cedar Birdhouse

This is one of my favorite projects because it only requires one piece of wood, and the total cost is under $5. Just like the DIY flower box above, this is a great option for building outside on a sunny day with your kiddos. Build it, paint it, mount it, and watch the birds find their new home in your backyard.

how to build a cedar birdhouse

How to Make a DIY Mason Bee Beehive

If you want to attract something a little different to your yard, mason bees are my go-to: they don't require the maintenance of honey bees, and they have a 95 percent pollination rate, which helps your garden flourish. Kids will love painting the hive and picking out the paper straws to fill it with. Once it’s finished, you and your child can find the perfect spot to hang it in your yard.

how to make a diy mason bee beehive

Want even more kid-friendly projects? Check out this scooter, these blocks, and these magnets. For even more springtime crafts for kids and adults, see our NWFGF roundup. We hope these projects help you and your family make the most out of staying home. Stay safe out there!