This is an easy, fun holiday project that will add a little Christmas cheer to a party, office space, or home décor. We picked up a few packs of coasters at the Seattle Goodwill for less than $5.

diy goodwill coasters

Step 1

Start off by drilling through the coasters. Drill through the face of the coaster and down into the cork board. The cork board will break apart no matter how you drill through it, and this way the top will be cleaner. Put some elbow grease into this drilling. The coating on the top of the coaster is pretty sturdy and will require some pressure in order to break through.

drilling coasters

Step 2

Next grab a piece of sandpaper and start sanding down the holes and creating texture across the coaster to prepare it for paint. As I mentioned before the coating on the top of the coaster is hard so I would recommend using a low grit sand paper (80) and then move to a higher grit (150-220) to clean it up.

sanding coasterssanding coasters diy

Step 3

Time to take it outside and paint it. Lay out a drop cloth or a large garbage bag, and following the directions on the can apply your first coat of chalkboard paint. After waiting the designated amount of time you can apply another coat or two if needed. Wait to dry.

painting coasters diystaining coasters diy

Step 4

Now is a great time to add a border in a different color of spray paint if you so desire. We just stuck to the basic chalkboard and decided to add our own borders with chalk. We got pastel chalk from Artist and Craftsman Supply in the U District. The pastels are a little more vibrant than ordinary chalk. You can also buy liquid chalk markers online.

coaster border

drawing on coaster

Step 5

Once they're all decorated you can string them up. And just like that you're done!

coaster banner

how to turn coasters into a banner