Manufactured Decking - A Brief Summary

The most common manufactured decking products started off as composites, primarily wood and plastic composites (WPC), which are typically a blend of virgin or recycled plastic and either wood fibers or wood flour. Some composites have even used alternative materials such as rice hulls, carpet fiber, etc.

Over time, composite decking products have given way to more durable, attractive alternatives; primarily capped composites and PVC (plastic). These new products have allowed major manufacturers to provide better warranties for fading and staining and brought us a much wider array of color options and grain patterns to choose from.

Product Comparisons

Manufactured decking product comparisons guide

Care & Cleaning

To maintain the beauty of your manufactured decking, a little care and cleaning goes a long way. All exterior building products require cleaning and manufactured decking products are no different. Utilizing the recommended products in these guides is important to make care and cleaning easier and to ensure the use of products that have been tested to be compatible with your decking. Always read and follow the product manufacturer’s specific instructions.

Leading Manufacturers

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 This cleaning advice is very specific to manufactured decking, but across the board, any deck you have is going to need a similar regular cleaning. If you have a wood deck, read this.

Note: Rain boots are not a necessity for this job, but if you don't have them, we recommend using old shoes that you don’t care about. If you have an unwieldy hose, your feet will get wet.

How to clean manufactured decking