Cement Planter Materials

Step 1: Gather your Supplies 

The first step of this project involves a pit stop at your local Goodwill. Browse around for some containers that will act as the molds for the pots. Find two sizes: one that will act as the outer mold, which will be the shape of the pot, and one for the inner mold, which will create the space to hold a plant, candle, or jewelry. We used both smaller plastic containers and paper cups for the “inner” portion of our planters.

Step 2: Prep your Containers 

Canola oil? Yes—canola oil. Before making the cement, prep your containers. Pour some canola oil on a paper towel and coat the inside of each container. Think of it like you're baking a cake—greasing the molds will help prevent the cement from sticking to the plastic.

prep cement planter container

prep your containers

Step 3: Mix Cement

Put on your gloves and get ready to make some cement! Because each pot will be a different shape and size, mixing the cement is a bit of a guessing game. We began with equal parts cement and water, but then our mixture seemed too dry, so we added a litle additional water. Ultimately, you're looking for a consistency similar to thick cake batter.

mix cement for planter diy

cement planter mix

pouring water into cement mix

stir cement for planter

Step 4: Pour Cement into Container 

Once the cement mixture has reached the right consistency, pour (or dollop) the cement into the pre-oiled plastic containers. Then, take the smaller plastic container and oil the outside of it. Sink it into the cement to the desired depth (make sure you don't push it all the way down—you want your planter to have a solid base—and pour water into the container to weigh it down.

pour cement into container

diy cement planter container

how to make cement planters

Step 5: Wait! 

Wait 24 hours. This is the hardest part!

Step 6: Carefully Remove Cement Planter 

Has it been 24 hours? Good! Now it’s time to remove the cement from the plastic container and remove the inner container. (If you used a paper cup you may have to tear the cup out. The oil should help the plastic slide off the cement.)

carefully remove cement planter

pliers pulling cement planter

Dunn DIY Cement Planter Seattle WA 13

Step 7: Add some Green 

Add some pebbles for drainage, dirt, plants, and water. Now, enjoy!

cement planter