how to refinish furniture fast

I thought this project would take several days, some intense sanding, and several coats of stain. However, with Howard's Restor-A-Finish, it was looking brand new in a little under half an hour!

Step 1

Photo op! This isn't an essential step to refinishing your piece, but snapping a before shot adds the overall satisfaction of the finished project. (Be sure to capture the scratches and imperfections.)

refinishing table

refinishing table fast

Step 2

Now it's time to apply the Restor-A-Finish. We recommend doing this outside as the fumes are pretty strong. Pour some of the furniture finish onto an old rag. Now evenly rub the finish into your piece, being sure to cover every inch. Some areas will absorb more finish than others. Once you've done an initial coat, go back and touch up areas as needed.

stain for refinishing furniturestain for finishing furniture

Step 3

Next pour a little of the furniture polish onto some steel wool and gently buff any areas that look like they need a little extra love. This coffee cart had a lot of scratches. I thought they'd be a permanent part of this piece, but after a little buffing they vanished.

furniture polishpolish for furniture

Step 4

It's time to clean up. DON’T throw your rags away in any old trashcan. They are highly flammable and have been known to spontaneously combust! Read the can and make sure you properly dispose of the rags and steel wool that have come in contact with the finish.

Step 5

Now it's time to enjoy your new piece. Take a minute and look back at that before picture you snapped in step one!

how to refinish furniture quick

refinished end table diy

diy table fast