There are a lot of tools that go into crafting the perfect deck. Today, we’re breaking down how to use three key implements: a smart-bit pre-drilling tool, a smart-bit depth setter, and a fascia tool. Let’s get started!

Smart-bit pre-drilling and countersinking tool

This tool is useful for pre-drilling holes in composite or hardwood decking.  

The special drill bit will drill a hole as well as a countersink—a conical hole that allows the head of a screw to be recessed—for the head of the screw that will follow.

Start by inserting the bit into the drill, then drill straight holes until the collar stops spinning. Now, you’re ready to set your screws.

smart-bit in package
Smart-bit pre-drilling and countersinking tool
use for composite or hardwood decking

Smart-bit deck screw depth setter

Now that we’ve pre-drilled our deck holes, we’ll use this tool to install the screws. It allows you to quickly set the screw depth perfectly—so the head of each screw is flush with the deck and not too far in or out.

Insert the bit that matches your screws into the chuck of the driver. We’re using a star drive bit. Make sure you’re using a drill and not an impact driver. 

Once the bit is inserted, adjust the depth using the two rings. You can check the depth setting in a pre-drilled hole to make sure the screw head stops at the right level, and then adjust the rings if necessary. Once the right depth is set, you won't have to adjust again. Now, you can start installing your screws. The bit will disengage when the screws are set at the chosen depth.

deck screw depth setter in package
adjust the depth with the rings
use a smart-bit
Smart-bit deck screw depth setter

Fascia tool

This tool will pre-drill and countersink a hole in 1/2” to 3/4” composite fascia.

The holes drilled by this tool will be slightly larger than the thickness of the screws so the fascia boards can expand and contract as the weather changes. This prevents buckling.

Drill your holes, and follow up with large head screws designed for fascia.

fascia tool system in package
add the smart-bit to the drill
drill the holes
add the screws
drill your holes
How to Use a Smart-Bit

That’s it! We hope this breakdown makes your decking experience smooth and easy. For more information on how to use tools, check out our tutorials on how to use a power drill, a tape measure, and sandpaper.