Here's a fun project to help keep your fires going all through the fall! It means plenty of bonfires, homemade Marshmallows, and S'Mores! We came up with this log carrier to help make your bonfire that much better.

Step 1: Get a Burlap Sack

Head to your favorite coffee shop and ask for a burlap sack. When you're ready to make your log carrier, begin by measuring where you'll place the handles. Use a permanent marker to trace the area you'll cut out.

measuring for log carrier


Step 2: Cut Out Your Handles

Now cut out a square in the middle of your burlap sack where the handle will go. Repeat this step on the opposite end of the burlap sack.

cut handles for log carrier

Step 3: Bind the Burlap

Using a needle and thread, tack the binding in place around the handle area you've cut so that the burlap sack won't unravel. Tacking is a sewing term which means to loosely secure the binding in place. You'll sew it together in a minute; tacking helps the binding stay put as you sew. Repeat on the opposite end of the sack.

bind the burlap

pinning burlap

burlap for log carrier

Step 4: Stitch in Place

Use a sewing machine to secure the binding in place. We chose a zig-zag setting on the machine because burlap can be a bit tricky to work with. Repeat on the opposite end.

stitch log carrier fabric

stitching fabric

Step 5: Reinforce with Material

Cut out a square piece of material and pin it in place. We chose a simple brown fabric. It should be wide enough that it reaches to the edges, and long enough that it hits just before the handles. Then, sew your piece in place.

pin holder

reinforce log carrier

cutting burlap

Step 6: Add the Handles

Add the dowel handles on each side and sew them in place.

log carrier handles

adding handles to log carrier

dowel for log carrier

pinning dowel

decorated log carrier

Now go enjoy a bonfire.

burlap log carrier

diy log carrier