mid century dining table plans

Today we partnered with Hairpin Legs for Less to bring you this DIY dining room table. We found this tutorial and gave it our own Dunn DIY twist. If you have a tiny home or apartment that can't hold a dining room table, never fear: We made a lovely hairpin coffee table project last year. It's simple, easy, and great for small spaces.

Step 1

Head to your local lumber store to pick out the perfect table top! We headed to the Latona Dunn Lumber, chose our plywood, had the cuts made, and picked up all our materials in one easy stop. (If you're planning on getting the lumber cut in-store there may be a wait time, so call ahead.)

tabletop for mid century modern tabledunn lumber employeebuying materials for diy dining room table

Step 2

When we got home, it was time to sand. We recommend using an electric sander, to ensure the smoothest finish.

sand tabletop diy

Step 3

We then used a damp cloth to wipe the sawdust off the surface of our table top.

wipe off tabletop

Step 4

Next, we applied wood glue to the side sections B and C and flipped them onto side A, ensuring they were lined up correctly. Refer to the assembly chart at the top of this page to make sure you've got everything in the right place.

glue wood for diy table

wood glueing for tabletop

Step 5

Then it was time to pre-drill. Pre-drilling is important, as it ensures your tabletop won't split.

predrill tabletop diy

Step 6

Then, we secured the screws.

secure screws diy

Step 7

We laid the cross-sections D, E, and F in place.

assembling modern tabletop

assembling tabletop

Step 8

Now, it was time to attach the legs. We chose "native turquoise" legs from Hairpin Legs for Less for our dining room table, but you can browse through their selection to find your own style. We measured where each leg would go, being sure to avoid any screws.

hairpin legs for mid century dining table

installing hairpin legs to table diy

Step 9

Then, we secured the hairpin legs.

secure hairpin legs

Step 10

We sanded the top and sides of the table to ensure a smooth finish.

sanding top and sides of tabletop

Step 11

Then, we used a tack cloth to remove all the remaining sawdust. You can also use a damp rag or mineral spirits.

track cloth to clean wood

Step 12

If you wish to stain your table, now is the time. We skipped this step and went straight on to applying a finishing coat. We used a brush on water based polyurethane finish in semi-gloss. The water base means that the finish is no-odor, can be recoated after a couple hours, and goes on clear opposed to the golden tint of the oil based finish. We chose a brush on because on a wide flat surface it can be easier to get even coverage and a flat surface than when using a spray.

Follow the directions on the can for dry times, sanding in between coats, and using a synthetic vs. natural bristle brush.

staining mid century dining table

Step 13

Now, enjoy making new memories with your dining room table!

diy mid century modern dining table