You've probably visited a big box store. The experience was pleasant enough. Not especially satisfying, but you got in and out with what you needed with relative ease. You probably got passed from one employee in a vest to another employee in a vest, each with their own specialty. Ask the lighting employee about where the nuts and bolts are located? You get sent to the hardware employee. Ask the hardware employee about low-voltage light bulbs? You get sent to the lighting employee. No one likely ushered you from Aisle 24B to Aisle 13A because they are bound by their specific area of expertise; they are not there to help you with your project from start to finish.

Take a number

hardware store

This might feel old school, but there's a reason why we ask you to get in line. We want to create the best experience we can for each and every customer—the contractor, the craftsman, and the DIYer—and that means we want a single employee dedicated to meet your needs. Not every Dunn Lumber store uses a number system (e.g. Latona does, Everett might not), but when you walk into a store it's not always clear who is available to help and there's not real clear place to stand in line. The number system clears the confusion—and gives you access to a salesperson's one-on-one attention. It's similar to making an appointment. You take a number, you browse the shelves, and then (similar to the genius bar at an Apple store) you get to talk to a professional and work through any questions or issues that you're having with your project and/or place an order.

Call ahead

If you have a big order you can call your order in ahead of time. Then, take a number and give your order number to the clerk. He or she will look up your order and send you to the appropriate place for pick up.

Express checkout

seattle home improvement checkout

Not buying large construction materials today? If you're just stopping by for a can of spray paint or a bag of compost soil, you can skip the number system. The express checkout is easy to find—and staffed by someone in a red shirt or vest. The express checkout is for in-store items, that includes wood that you pick up inside the store! So to clarify, there's basic 8' white wood lumber inside the store (this includes 2x4's, 1x2's and the like), there's also interior trim and moulding 12' and under, and some hardwoods, also 12' and under. So if you're buying a small amount of one of these types of lumber, you can pick it up yourself from the rack and take it to express checkout. If you need more than is in the rack, or if you want help carrying it out to your car, you need to go to the sales counter and let the salesmen and yard guys help you out.

Easy Returns

We want to help you complete your project with ease, so if you find you've purchased too much of something, or the wrong item, we'll cheerfully help you with returns or exchanges.  We simply ask that you bring in the receipt* and of course we can't accept material back that's been used, damaged, or purchased elsewhere.   

*  Purchases linked to an account at Dunn Lumber don't require a return receipt since we have records here we can look up.

Dunn Promise

Every Dunn Lumber store is different, but you'll find one thing no matter which store you visit: We don’t have a guarantee, we have a promise.

Guarantees live on pieces of paper, use small print, and have expiration dates. Promises are made by people and require a long-term commitment. The last 107 years have seen many changes in how we build and improve our homes, but our dedication to support your vision with expert knowledge and quality products has remained the same.

At Dunn Lumber we will continue to bring you the highest level of service, value, and quality you have come to expect.

If you have questions about how to shop at any Dunn Lumber yard, contact your local store.