Since last year, Dunn DIY has grown immensely! I'm so excited to continue to develop a community that encourages and inspires people to create with confidence. seattle flower garden show

How was this year's show different from last year's show?

This year we had some insider knowledge, having been at the show once before. This gave us the opportunity to prepare. We decided to lead up to the show with a month of garden-themed projects including a trellis, cold frame, and a strawberry planter. All of these projects made it into the booth, and they were big hits.

The booth was bigger this year and felt like an actual backyard. It was so much fun returning to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show; it's been a great fit for Dunn DIY. I look forward to taking what I learned from the people at the show and letting that inspire our weekly blog posts and help us prepare for next year!

northwest flower garden show 2016

What your favorite project that was in the booth this year?

My favorite project—and the one that started the most conversations with people—was the strawberry planter. I spent a lot of time researching growing strawberries and the kind of pots and planters that are available for sale or DIY projects, and I was very intentional in making something that was different from what I found online. It’s a small, simple structure that’s really aesthetically pleasing. Maybe I’m biased, but I always think the look of plants against wood is so beautiful. I had so many people tell me they were going to go home and build that planter, and I too am looking forward to trying my hand at raising strawberries in that planter this year.

strawberry planter at seattle garden show

What was your favorite story someone shared at the NWFGS?

My favorite part of working the show are the stories! This year, I met people who went to school with my dad, and even people who went to school with my grandpa. There were people who have been visiting Dunn Lumber since they were little. I loved talking to a woman who has been going on “dates” with her husband to Dunn Lumber for 41 years. We heard so many stories of history and community.

I love hearing stories about Dunn Lumber's great customer service and relationship with our customers—but more than that I love hearing stories about my grandpa and my great-grandpa. I love remembering that my family has been in this area and part of this community for over a century. I met an older gentleman who told me that over sixty years ago he worked at Seattle Golf Club. Part of his job was working as a caddy, and he remembers caddying for my great-grandpa, Ed. Those stories make me hope that a couple more generations down the line my family will still be here: living in Seattle, running the company, and being part of the fabric of the Seattle community.

dunn lumber seattle garden show

What's surprised you about Dunn DIY?

It’s kind of ironic: Dunn DIY exists to inspire and empower people to DIY (do it yourself.) But through this blog, I'm surprised at how capable and confident I’ve become. The amount I have learned in the last couple years of building projects for DIY amazes me. I went from having to ask questions on just about everything I did, to being in a booth where the projects I design and build are on display and people tell me that they’re more simple, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing than all the other DIY designs they’ve seen online. That’s the most surprising, and definitely one of the most rewarding things about Dunn DIY.

home improvement show seattle