Every time September rolls around, we can’t help but think about heading back to school, even if we’re not going back ourselves! 

Below are some of our best back-to-school DIY projects, ranging from beginner-friendly crafts to slightly more complicated but oh-so-worth-it building projects. (Scroll down to the end if you have a kid who could use a new workspace, but you don’t have extra room!) 

How To Make a Back-to-School Lunch Box

Sure, you could buy a new lunch box for your kids (or yourself!), but this DIY version lets you pick the exact color or pattern you want. 

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Make your own lunch box.

How To Make a DIY Pencil Holder

This simple woodblock pencil holder may be easy, but it’s also a statement piece that looks great sitting on a desk. 

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Make a DIY pencil holder.

How To Make a DIY Computer Case 

Made with thick felt and a fun zipper, this laptop case is easy to put together and a crowd-pleaser for all ages—whether you’re going back to school or wanting to refresh your office gear.

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Make a felt DIY computer case.

How To Build a Crown Moulding Bookshelf

We love books, but are also always amazed at how quickly they can pile up. These crown moulding shelves attach directly to the wall for more storage and more floor space. 

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Learn how to build a crown moulding bookshelf.

DIY Tabletop Bookshelf

Need a place for your books, but want to start with something a little easier than the crown moulding bookshelf? This beginner-friendly tabletop bookshelf is the perfect place to start your DIY journey.

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Learn how to build a DIY tabletop bookshelf.

DIY Homework Station

Having a fresh, organized, and dedicated workspace always helps inspire focus and creativity. This clever wooden desk takes up minimal space, and provides a personal little nook for your student to do homework. 

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Make a DIY homework station.

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