Crisp, clear days and cold nights call for staying in DIYing. Plus, with Halloween coming up, we have plenty of projects—from rustic scarecrows to working lightsabers, autumnal decorations to clever costumes—to help you get crafty.  

Let’s dive right in!

How To Make a DIY Halloween Wagon

Part costume, part transportation for tired little legs—this truck-shaped wagon is sure to turn heads. 

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DIY Halloween wagon that looks like a truck.

How To Make a DIY Fall or Halloween Sign

This wooden sign is just the right blend of rustic and sophisticated. Plus, you can customize what it says for trick-or-treating or to leave it up all season. 

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A DIY wooden sign with a stenciled saying on it for fall or Halloween.

DIY Trick-or-Treat Banner

This take on the ever-popular pennant sign does double duty with both a Halloween and Thanksgiving message (or whatever you want it to say!).

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A DIY wooden pendant banner that says "Trick-or-Treat".

How To Make a DIY Scarecrow

Hay-stuffed scarecrows are classic and a marker of the season. This larger than life version is fun to design and definitely makes an impression! 

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How to make a straw scarecrow.

How To Make an Astronaut Costume for Halloween

Need a quick costume for your littlest astronaut? You can easily throw this jet pack together in an hour or two. And it’s just adorable.

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A DIY Halloween jet pack costume made from tubes, tape, and bottles.

How To Make a DIY Lightsaber

If you have a Stars Wars fan in the family, this super-realistic, working lightsaber is a must! And it’s made from things you can easily find in your local Dunn Lumber, like common plumbing and hardware.  

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Make a realistic, working lightsaber for Halloween.

How To Make a Pumpkin Beverage Dispenser 

It wouldn’t be Halloween without extra treats and sweets! You just need two materials (and a few tools) to craft this pumpkin beverage dispenser that you can then fill with a tasty drink. 

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A real pumpkin turned into a beverage dispenser for Halloween parties.

Halloween not your thing? We have plenty of other fall-inspired DIY tips and projects to help protect your home from the changing weather and get cozy for the rest of the season. Check out our fall home maintenance guide or learn how to build a wooden rug loom to make your own rugs.