It's time to deck the halls! While we have a ton of holiday tips, crafts, DIY projects, and even recipes throughout our archives, below you’ll find our favorite DIYs made from wood. From magical, candlelit trees to a memorable but simple Christmas village, these wooden Christmas crafts will add a festive feel to your home, all with your own signature DIY style.   

DIY Swedish Dala Horse Ornament

We designed this super easy wooden horse ornament based on Dala horses, a traditional Swedish symbol, but you could use the same concept and materials to customize your design.  

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DIY Swedish Dala horse ornament

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Function and beauty come together in this wooden snowflake holiday card holder. Aside from requiring some patience in cutting out all of the pieces, this project is actually really simple—everything is secured with glue and a few nails.

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DIY wooden snowflake Christmas card holder

How To Build a Candlelight Wood Christmas Tree

Light up the dark winter nights! Not only is this candlelight Christmas tree a beautiful addition during the holiday season—you can disassemble it for easy storage and use it again next year.

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How to build a wooden Christmas tree candle holder

How To Make an Outdoor Christmas Tree

Looking to DIY-ify your outdoor Christmas decor? This sturdy outdoor Christmas tree (that lights up!) is sure to spread some holiday cheer around your neighborhood.

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How to make a wooden outdoor Christmas tree

DIY Christmas Village

If you love the idea of a charming Christmas village, but the store-bought ones don’t fit your personal style, you can make your own! This pared-down village has a modern, minimalist look while still being festive.

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DIY wooden Christmas village

How To Make a DIY Christmas Tree Collar

A Christmas tree collar goes around a tree stand, covering the stand but still allowing you to water your tree. This wooden version is simple, timeless, and won’t shift around like a typical tree skirt. 

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How to make a DIY Christmas collar

BONUS: Swansons' Christmas Tree Guide

While we have a never-ending list of Christmas DIY projects and decor, we’ll still always bring in a live Christmas tree, too. But how do you choose between a noble fir or Burton Blue? We gathered our most pressing Christmas tree questions and went to the experts—Swansons Nursery in Seattle—to create this guide covering everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Christmas trees. When it comes time to pick one out, you’ll know exactly which tree is best for you and your home.

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Learn to pick the perfect Christmas tree with this Christmas tree guide

The projects above barely scratch the surface of our DIY Christmas archives. From tips and tricks for hanging Christmas lights and wrapping presents to step-by-step plans for how to make your own advent calendar or festive wreath, you’ll find plenty of ideas and projects to keep you busy throughout the season!