Giving the perfect gift (or even just an acceptable gift) can be difficult. And I know for me, sometimes the least exciting gifts to give are the best gifts to receive. Even as a DIYer and someone who appreciates a useful tool as much as the next person, I’ve never found myself in a position where I’ve been excited to give tools for Christmas gifts. Sometimes all it takes is personalizing it in some way—making that screwdriver or power drill feel a little more special. 

Enter the Dunn DIY printable gift tags: eight unique tags to pair with your gifts that deliver a little laugh alongside whatever’s in the box (and I don’t know about you, but after this year, I think everyone could use the “you’ve really held it together this year” tag on their Christmas present).

And for those of us still shopping for those last-minute gifts, these tags team up perfectly with the tools they tout. Maybe you know someone who moved into a new home this year or someone who’s come into their own as a DIYer during quarantine—no matter who you’re last-minute buying for, you can find the perfect (functional!) gift in our DIY Tool Buying Guide.

Whether you’re giving tools or just want to personalize your presents with something fun, these are great options! 

holiday gift tags

Step 1: Download and print

Click each saying below to download a printable PDF. 

“You’ve really held it together this year”

“You’ve always been so level-headed”

“You’ve really found yourself a stud”

“You always cut to the point”

“To unscrew anything in your life that’s been screwed up”

“You always see things from the best angle”

“So you can power through any situation”

“No one could ever measure up to you”

Step 2: Cut, glue, and assemble

Cut along the dotted edge of each tag, then fold along the center line before gluing the insides to each other. Next, fill out your tag and punch a hole through the top. To attach, simply tie or tape the string to your package. 

cut gift tags
cut diy gift tags
fold christmas gift tag
glue gift tag
diy holiday gift tags
diy gift tags

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