Crafting is a great way to make the most out of your time at home, so we’ve put together a list of some simple projects you can make with tools and scrap lumber you may already have lying around. And don't worry if you don't have everything you need, we have lots of inspiration for how you can switch things up to work with the materials you have on hand. So take a look around your home or garage, and we hope you’ll feel inspired to try one (or more!) of these DIYs.

How to Make a Hanging Planter

I’m a big fan of planters because they’re such a simple way to add greenery to your indoor space. I especially love this hanging design because it’s a fun twist on more traditional, table-top models, but it’s just as easy to make. All you’ll need is about 14 feet of one-by-twos, some rope, a drill, glue, and a few screws. We made our planter out of cedar, but you can use whichever type of wood you have. If you don’t have one-by-twos, try making a chunkier version out of two-by-twos or one-by-threes. Get creative with what you have, and you’ll be ready to find the perfect spot to hang this planter in about an hour.

how to make a hanging planter

How to Make a DIY Spice Rack

This staircase-shaped organizer will fit neatly in your cabinet or on your counter, and it’s a great project to work on while house-bound because it’s easily customizable to your space. You’ll hopefully have all the necessary materials on hand—all you’ll need is some short lengths of lumber, screws, wood glue, and you’re set! Get your kitchen prepped for all that extra cooking you’ll be doing.

how to make a diy spice rack

How to Make a DIY Shower Caddy

I came up with the design for this shower caddy after doing a deep clean of my shower. I usually have a ton of bottles scattered around the edge of my tub, so I wanted to find a solution to keep my shower clean and tidy. This simple caddy only requires a 10’ one-by-two, some glue, and screws. If you don’t have that much one-by-two on hand, you can take some inspiration from our shower tower and make the sides out of a one-by-six.

how to make a diy shower caddy

How to Make DIY Hexagon Coasters

This is an easy project you can do with only one board and a hand saw. And if you add some paint, you have a project for the kids, too! These also make great gifts for friends and family—so even though you aren’t able to visit right now, you can wrap them up until you’re able to gift them.

how to make diy hexagon coasters

How to Make a Wooden Vertical Shoe Rack

If you’re home all day, you might feel the need for some added organization or to change things up. This project uses a bit more lumber than the other projects (about 60' for a 6' rack), but don’t worry if you don’t have the two-by-twos and one-by-twos called out in the project. You can use the same concept to build a smaller version with different sized lumber, depending on what you have on hand. If you have some lumber, nails or screws, and a handsaw, this shoe rack is an easy project made to organize your home.

how to make a wooden vertical shoe rack

How to Paint Your Front Door

Speaking of feeling the need to change it up, this is the perfect time to spruce up the outside of your house, too. Maybe what you need is a fresh coat of paint on your door. Grab that extra can out of the garage and watch this video to learn the best way to repaint your front door. 

how to paint your front door

We hope these projects help you find some time to relax, keep yourself busy, and invest in your space. For more ways to organize your home, try this laundry drying rack or pick a project from our NWFGF roundup. To learn a new skill, watch our video on how to use a tape measure. And if you need supplies for a project, just call your local Dunn Lumber to schedule a delivery.