When it comes to entertaining outdoors, watching the grill master and sipping a glass of lemonade can only keep your guests occupied for so long. That’s why we’re all about yard games—a good game can provide fun for just about any age group, and is the perfect way to keep dinner guests entertained. Here are some of the DIY yard games we’ve created over the years, and still pull out of storage every summer.

DIY Ladder Golf 

Nothing antes up a backyard barbecue like a good lawn game, and this ladder golf set is the perfect addition to your backyard game collection. This project uses PVC pipe fittings and comes together in just a couple of hours.

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DIY Ladder Golf | Project Plan

DIY Outdoor Ring Toss Game

The tricky thing about living in Seattle is you just never know what kind of weather you’re going to get—even in the middle of summer. We created this ring toss game to be easy to move inside or under a patio cover if the weather shifts unexpectedly. 

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DIY Outdoor Ring Toss Game | Project Plan

DIY Giant Jenga Set

Remember the thrill of a tumbling tower of Jenga blocks? Imagine that, only 10 times bigger! That’s lawn Jenga—a simple DIY project that’s sure to be a crowdpleaser at your next backyard party.

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DIY Giant Jenga Set | Project Plan

DIY Cornhole Set

Cornhole: You know it, you love it—but did you know its roots go all the way back to 1325? Legend has it that a cabinetmaker in 14th century Germany created the game as a safer alternative when he saw children throwing rocks in holes. 

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DIY Cornhole Set | Project Plan

DIY Kubb Yard Game

A less popular but equally historic yard game, the origins of Kubb (or Viking chess) date all the way back to the Viking age. Similar to lawn bowling, the goal is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons.  

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DIY Kubb Yard Game | Project Plan

DIY Life-size Yard Yahtzee

For traditional Yahtzee, you need five dice, a cup to shake them up in, and cards to keep score. We used four-by-four-by-four cubes, a bucket, and personal chalkboards to create this gigantic take on a well-loved classic.

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DIY Life-size Yard Yahtzee | Project Plan

DIY Plinko Game Board

Plinko is a fun game that originated from “The Price is Right,” and with a little creativity, it can become a great backyard activity for the summer. The board is a creative substitute for a prize wheel and adds an air of friendly competition to family game day!

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DIY Plinko Game Board | Project Plan

DIY Backyard Chess Set

Chess sets are collector's items—you can find all sorts of ornate, one-of-a-kind sets out there (and many will cost you a pretty penny). We love this project because it gives you the creative freedom to design pieces you love using basic DIY materials. Time to practice your opening move!

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DIY Backyard Chess Set | Project Plan

For more summer DIY ideas and inspiration, check out our archive of outdoor projects. Happy DIYing!